The Dutch Association for Puppetry (NVP) was founded in 1955. In the 1980’s the NVP also became the UNIMA centre in The Netherlands and changed its name to NVP-UNIMA. The NVP-UNIMA does its utmost for puppets in the broadest sense of the word, from the traditional puppet show to the most experimental puppet theatre for children as well as for adults. The members of the association are puppet lovers, amateurs and professionals; all interested in puppets and puppet activities. The members of the association meet each other as often as possible to developments in the field, new shows, festivals, but also governmental decisions that affect puppetry etc. In addition, the NVP-UNIMA organises puppet shows, holds lectures and other inspirational meetings take place, both for its members and interested people.

The NVP-UNIMA publishes its own magazine, sends out newsletters, has its website and a very extensive library.

Every three years there is a presentation of two prizes: the Wim Meilink prize as well as the Ruth van der Steenhoven prize.

Further information about the NVP-UNIMA as well as the agenda can be obtained (in Dutch) on this website.

Further information in this factsheet.