WP Magazine:


WP Magazine:

Wp is the magazine of object and puppet theater (Netherlands) WP magazine is connected to UNIMA and informs anyone, professional or amateur, who is interested in the development and activities of Object Theater and puppetry in Flanders and the Netherlands. The magazine is also open to the international stage. WP was first published in 1955 under the name of We, Puppeteers and after 2003 under the name The World of Puppet Theater. WP also expands today on Object Theater and on adjacent disciplines. WP is since 2010 published in full color and as off 2015 comes out five times a year. ISSN: 871-4161

What you can read

You can find reviews of shows, essays, columns and features on (inter-)national festivals and book reviews. WP also provides information on existing training in the Netherlands and on events related to the profession. There are also articles on the historical development of Object Theater and puppetry. The magazine addresses the various aspects of the profession as particularly its educational side connected to teaching and his political side connected to the community art. You can contact the editor by writing to: redactie@poppenspelers.nl

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